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Eloping in Glacier National Park

January 18, 2021

Hello, loves!

So great to seriously meet you! I cannot WAIT to hear about all of your plans for your wedding day!!!

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Looking to elope in Glacier National Park but not sure where to start? 

Let’s start with the season. You can get married at any time of year in Glacier National Park but not all of the park is accessible during all four seasons. All four seasons are really beautiful and are all very different. Do you want snow and the blue tones of winter? Lush green grass? The long days of summer with beautiful long colorful sunsets? Or even fall where the greens are turning yellow. You can never go wrong with any season in Glacier National Park

Going to The Sun Road

The Going to The Sun Road is typically open after 4th of July but truly it depends on the weather and road conditions. In 2020, the GTTSR didn’t open until mid-July and so those early July couples weren’t able to get up the pass. That means St. Mary’s is inacessible as well. But there are plenty of other options and the hike to Avalanche is open typically in June so that’s a great option as well!  Montana Elopements are open to so many different options so don’t let this stop you from thinking Glacier is any less beautiful when only part of the park is open. 

Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald is at the bottom near Apgar Village and the glassy views with the mountains as a backdrop are to die for. This is always a great option for engagements or even weddings. In the heat of the summertime it can get really busy so going early for a sunrise session or in the evening is always an option and a good option for those wanting more privacy.  

Avalanche Lake

This is a 2 mile moderate hike right up Trail of the Cedars and is an awesome hike for those wanting to include some adventure in their elopement. This could be an idea for the morning of your wedding if you’re getting married within the park but want to spend the morning as a couple and bringing your photographer to document your Montana Elopement from beginning to end is an absolute *must*

Trail of the Cedars

Speaking of Avalanche Lake Hike… the trail leading up to it has some beautiful spots so if you’re looking for some forrest area to go to this is a good option right off the road and easy to get to!  I always try to include this area on any elopement as we’re headed up the mountains even if it’s just for a few minutes. 

St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s is a beautiful spot for photos and typically a pretty private setting. It has a breathtaking view of the mountains. 

Many Glacier

Ahhh the East side of the park! Such a beautiful and very different part of Glacier with breathtaking views and a perfect backdrop for any Montana Wedding or Elopement. This is truly any Montana Elopement Photographer’s dream and vastly different than where we’ve already talked about.

Find yourself a Montana Elopement Photographer who is familiar with the park. Start there and then have them help you make your adventurous elopement possible by mapping out a plan of where to go. Remember, the weather in the park can be absolutely unpredictable so keep in mind that being adaptable is an absolute must. 

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