I absolutely love the outdoors of Montana and am so proud to call this beautiful state my home. I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, skiing in the winter months, running and spending time with close friends over coffee. 

Golden Hour > Blue Hour

London Fog, Always

Long Evening Walks

Open the Good Stuff

Jesus is my savior

Joy is Contagious

Four years ago, I left my corporate job to pursue wedding photography and fell in LOVE with couples. I loved storytelling through photographs and the ability to help couples navigate and enjoy every minute of their wedding day.

College is where I fell in love with photography. From the 35mm camera to developing the film in the darkroom. Something about photography was intriguing and the ability to stop moments of time if just for a brief second and re-live it again and again was what kept me hooked. I graduated at the top of my class at Montana State University and was selected as having the best senior thesis project in my last two semesters. My intent and dream really was to eventually get my Masters and teach 19th Century Alternative Process at a University. 

I met my now husband straight out of college and our lives took a different direction as we pursued our salaried jobs with full pursuit to continue to move up and climb as high as I could. I loved being able to impact peoples lives and make a difference every day.

Shortly after our second child was born in 2019, I realized we couldn't both continue to work 50+ hours a week and so I stepped out of my salaried role to pursue wedding photography and I fell in LOVE with it. It merged my people management skills with my creative passion into one career and here we are 5 years later still in love with my job.