Most of all, we believe your day is about you.

Your wedding day should be an UNFORGETTABLE experience and you deserve nothing but the very best. I am not just a photographer who shows up and takes photos, I help guide my couples in planning their dream wedding day. Oh and no worries, I will capture the most brag worthy images so you can experience your day over and over again.

From the mountain tops to the oceanside, I am here to help create the most incredible day. You deserve the best day ever from beginning to end.

Let's do this thing! 

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I do a very limited amount of family sessions throughout the year. I would love to tell your story.


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Looking for a guide to help plan an EPIC wedding day full of adventure and fun?

Let's start planning your unforgettable day!


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Over time, I've learned that every wedding day is different. As such, I have multiple packages that take into account heirloom products, wedding size and location.  


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I started photography after switching from a music major in college. I was an "undecided" major for a semester and decided to take a photography class. I fell in LOVE. I loved the entire creative process, developing  and printing my own prints. I graduated from MSU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography  in 2013. After managing retail for 5 years, I decided in 2018 that I wanted to make this dream a reality and pursued this career with passion and drive. 

how did you get started in photography?

One of my most common questions! I absolutely do travel and love traveling. In 2020 I've put thousands of miles on my car traveling to photograph adventures with my couples. I also have a bucketlist of locations I want to photograph an elopement/wedding at. These include Yosemite, PNW coast, Vegas, Salt Flats, Moab, Joshua Tree and Rocky Mountain National Park. 

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We are ALL awkward (me included). I  never get a couple that just knows how to pose.. it's not natural.  When I photograph a couple, I will pose them and then give them a prompt. I will  keep you moving to make your time with me feel EASY and natural. It is my job to create beautiful images and that starts with a vision on my end and making you feel at ease. Just relax and let me do my thang!

We are awkward... will you pose us?

I'm sure by now you're tired of looking at wedding photographers trying to decide who's going to capture your special day best. What makes me different? I am a hybrid shooter (film and digital combination). I also am a heck of a lot of fun to be around and will undoubably have you laughing your entire session. 

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I shoot on a Contax 645 which is a medium format camera. I will shoot rolls of film if added onto a package and then send them out for development/scanning. When the scans come back, I make minor adjustments and then they are delivered to my clients. Film has an aesthetic that is near impossible to achieve digitally. It has a color range that is much more vast than any digital image.

How does film work?

Yes, with all of my packages I include digital images including the film scans. I do offer a variety of albums and heirloom products to my clients to choose from. 

do you give us digital images?

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